Fish Oil Side Effects.

Fish Oil Side Effects.

Omega 3 high doses used in some disorders may have side effects. These omega 3 side effects may disappear after a few days, when your body gets used to it. If after a couple of weeks you don’t see an improvement, try a different brand of fish oil, it may help.

Possible Omega 3 side effects:

* Aftertaste. When you start taking fish oil it may appear, but should go away after a few days.
* Some degree of diarrhea may initially show up, but not for long.
* Blood thinning effect will aggregate if you are taking other blood thinners. But if you have any heart disorder do not stop taking your Omega 3. It is always a heart healthy supplement. Tell your doctor.
* Fishy burps. Try different times of the day, before and after meals. It could also be an indication that the oil you are taking could be rancid. Or it may disappear after a few days. Last, try freezing the caps, this way they don´t dissolve in your stomach but in your intestine. One final idea, try enteric-coated fish capsules. That should do it.
* Abdominal discomfort. The same as diarrhea, it should disappear after a few days.
* Increase antioxidant requirements. Taking 400 IU/ day of vitamin E may be enough to correct this situation.
* Nose bleeding has been reported.
* If you are taking Cod liver oil supplements beware that it has vitamin A and D, so you may accumulate them in your body and, eventually, get poisoned, but you need large quantities to get to the poison level. Normal fish oil supplements do not have vitamin A or D.
Fish Oil Side Effects


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  2. That's true that there are some side effects of Fish oil, as we know that every things has its own side effects. As far as my knowledge, Fish oil has more Benefits rather than side effects. I would like to explain some of benefits of Fish oil.
    1) Cutting your risk of both fatal coronary heart disease and sudden cardiac death by up to 36%.5
    2) Lowering blood pressure by expanding blood vessels naturally.7
    3) Minimizing disease promoting, chronic inflammation, which can both promote and aggravate cardiovascular disease.11,12

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